vulnerability assessment testing

Automate and Scale Your Web Security With Us

Web application vulnerabilities involve a system flaw or weakness in a web-based application. It is largely due to not validating or sanitizing form inputs, misconfigured web servers, and application design flaws, which can be exploited to compromise the application’s security. Also, web applications need to interact with multiple users across multiple networks, and that level of accessibility is easily taken advantage of by hackers.

We provide industry-leading web vulnerability management solutions that focus on scalability, automation, and integration. Based on a leading-edge web vulnerability scanner, Our platform uses proprietary Proof-Based Scanning technology to identify and confirm vulnerabilities, confidently indicating results that are definitely not false positives. Invicti is highly effective both integrated within the SDLC and as a standalone solution.

Vulnerability Assessment Tools

Vulnerability assessment is rarely a standalone feature and is typically included in the functionality of security tools. The three most common cases of vulnerability are:

Vulnerability Assessment with Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Assessment with Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Assessment with both Vulnerability Scanning and Vulnerability Management

The Vulnerability Assessment Process

The level of automation and integration of a vulnerability assessment process greatly depends on the software solutions selected by the business for security testing. The processes are,

1. Manual Vulnerability Assessment process

2. Semi-automatic Vulnerability Assessment process

3. Fully-automatic Vulnerability Assessment process